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Our last favorites list was getting a bit out of hand so I revised our list to reflect what we recommend time and time again to our local and out-of-town friends.

food (no drinks): $ = $10 - $20 pp | $$ = $25 - $50 pp | $$$ $50 - $100 pp | $$$$ = over $100 pp

the savories
Coquetta $$$

House of Pancake $

Kin Khao $$

Koi Palace $$

La Taqueria $

Mandalay $$

Mission Beach Café $

Old Mandarin Islamic $$

SPQR $$$

State Bird Provisions $$$

the sweet
b. patisserie
Golden Gate Bakery
The Ice Cream Bar

(been to all of these place? want more recs? leave a comment below!)

the usual suspects (not unique to the area, but they're our favorite places for a quick and affordable meal)
Cafe Bunn Mi (fav: pork belly bahn mi)

Kevin's Noodle House (fav: beef pho and fried shrimp cakes)

House of Pancake (fav: beef pancake roll)

Yummy Yummy (fav: fish sauce chicken wings and bun bo hue)

Cheung Hing (fav: roast pork and bbq pork)

The Slanted Door (decent food but way overpriced)
Swan Oyster Depot (expensive and nothing special)
Yank Sing (hate is a strong word... but I hate this place)

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