Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hog Island Oyster Farm

We are entering oyster season and I want to share my favorite day trip for bivalve lovers. Hog Island Oyster Company is an oyster farm based in Tomales Bay, about an hour and half north of SF. They have an oyster bar in the SF Ferry Building and Napa but my favorite location to visit is their farm in Marshall. You can buy bags of oysters and clams to-go, which they will kindly pack in ice (but don't forget your cooler). There is also an on-site oyster bar where you can get raw or barbecued oysters. If you want to linger, there are a number of first come, first served outdoor picnic tables. But if you plan ahead, you can reserve a picnic table with a grill to shuck and grill the oysters yourself, as long as you don't mind getting a little dirty and putting in a little elbow grease. My friends and I reserved a grilling table last year and the seven of us decimated a hundred oysters. We probably could have finished another bag of sixty but we brought way too much other food with us (ribs, jap chae, seaweed salad, veggie ceviche, and dessert of course).

all about oysters
1. 20 rules for eating oysters. (Lucky Peach)
2. The easiest way to shuck oysters. (Chef Steps)
3. Try grilling your oysters with bourbon chipotle butter. (Hog Island Oysters)
4. The effects of ocean acidification on oysters. (Seattle Times)

Tomales Bay
We're trying to get everyone together to do another oyster trip this year. Next time, we'll bring our oyster accouterments, a few loaves of bread to mop up the bourbon butter juices from the bbq oysters, some cheese, wine/beer, and just feast on oysters.


Hog Island Oysters
20215 CA-1
Marshall, CA 94940
(415) 663-9218
Reservations: grilling tables can be booked up to 4 months in advance, weekend tables for large parties are usually booked 3 - 4 months in advance

Bathrooms (not porta-potties, yay!) are available.
Bags of mesquite charcoal can be purchased for $7 and chimney starters can be borrowed for free. Lighter fluid is prohibited.

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